About company

Dear Customer, welcome to Welder Company .

Experience related to the locksmith and construction industry, acquired during several years of professional work, allows us to implement the most sophisticated ideas of our clients and create our own solutions.

Certificates of compliance with the EN-1090 standard, involvement of the owners in each stage of services and production of individual goods, supported by the obtained references, allows to guarantee satisfaction with cooperation with our company.

For the production of balustrades, we use steel, wood, glass and other necessary materials only from reliable suppliers and the highest quality. We work with professional devices such as: Hilti, Bosch, Cormak

We offer various constructions from both stainless and constructional steels. Balustrades of various purpose: external and internal; French window; gates; grilles and other security, balustrades for the disabled, handrails, visors, fences, etc. For enthusiasts of modern solutions, we recommend balustrades with safety glass and balustrades with stainless steel cables or with laser-burned panels.

Stainless steel balustrades are made in a polished (high gloss) and polished (brushed, matt) version.

Balustrades made of constructional steel (so-called black and standard steel) are painted electrostatically in any color of the RAL palette, additionally we protect the external balustrades by means of hot dip galvanizing.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the photo gallery of balustrades and other constructions that we have made while conducting our business.

We accept ready-made projects or create our own on request. Offered prices are set individually with each client. We work all over Poland and send our products to EU countries.


Katarzyna i Marcin Adamczyk


Our leading products are:

Balustrades made of stainless steel and constructional steel: stair, balcony, terrace

Balustrades of the Portfentr type (the so-called French balustrade)


Railings for people with mobility disabilities

Grilles, wickets and other security features